The earth is flat. Everybody knows that. The nerve of these scientists to try to convince us that it is round. They are all socialist who hate our country. They have concocted phony evidence about spaceships orbiting the earth. They even have communists from Venezuela faking pictures from outer space.

That is absurd.

There are still people who believe that Trump won the election. Really? Still? This too is absurd. Claims about voter fraud and a rigged election have been dismissed as baseless by 60 courts. Some of the judges that threw this idea out were appointed by Trump himself. The election has been verified by former Attorney General Bill Barr, a true Trump sycophant. The people responsible for election security have said definitively that the election was free and fair. Come on people!

You may not have liked the outcome of the election. You may have voted for Trump. But he lost. That is the truth. People have tried to “flat earth” you into believing that there was no way he lost. His own fragile ego could never admit that he lost. He and his cronies have perpetuated a lie that the election was stolen. It’s interesting that some of the Congress people who are claiming fraud were elected in the same election that he lost.

That is absurd.

Buy the way, did you know that global warming is a hoax? There are some people, probably far left liberals who are trying to convince you that climate change is real.

Still? Really?

I’m no expert on earth science. So, I have to depend on the knowledge of people who have been educated and studied it for years. They all agree that climate change is real. I choose to believe the experts rather than big oil executives whose profits might be reduced if we apply strict regulations. I also refuse to believe these smarmy politicians that they have bought. 2020 was the hottest year on record. That’s not an opinion. That is a fact. That is truth. Come on people!

What has happened to truth? Sometimes it feels like there is no such thing anymore. At least none that is acknowledged. Allan Bloom wrote a book on education some years ago. It was called The Closing of the American Mind. He lamented the fact that truth as an absolute in anything is being rejected in favor of opinion that suits an individual. He said, “Tell a student now that 2 plus 2 equals 4 and he will say, ‘That’s just your opinion.’”

That is absurd.

It’s fine to have opinions, But I would not want to drive over a bridge which that student designed. Your unwillingness to accept the Biden win does mean that it is not true.

Truth is not a liberal thing or a conservative thing. There are things that are true, no matter how you feel about it and no matter if it is inconvenient for you to accept.

These things are true. The earth is not flat. Trump lost the election. The earth is getting warmer to the detriment of the planet and its inhabitants. If we can agree that some things are not a matter of opinion, then we can debate our differences of opinion in a logical and sane and truthful manner. Otherwise, our opinions are just shared ignorance. Let’s acknowledge what is true. Then we can go from there.

The Reverend Dr. Richard Sweeney, Rick, is a retired Presbyterian pastor and author. Rick lives with his wife, Prudy, in Greensburg, PA.