Rick Sweeney
2 min readMar 5, 2021



Nobody is perfect.

This should be self-evident. Everybody makes mistakes. Everybody finds that at some points in life, me included, that mistakes were made, bad decisions were made, hurtful things were said or done.

Nobody knows everything.

It is difficult for some to grasp this concept. There are those who think that they know everything and have the answers to all questions. These people are wrong. Many times, we don’t even know the real questions let alone the answers. Learning should be a life-long endeavor.

Integrity matters.

Whether it is in a politician or a leader of any kind or an individual, it matters that they have a sense of right and wrong. For politicians, whether they are Democrats or Republicans, wrong is wrong. One cannot attack the lack of integrity in Donald Trump without acknowledging the same lacking in Bill Clinton. One cannot rail at Ted Cruise and ignore the wrong in Andrew Cuomo. It is disheartening to me that many voters seem to care not at all abut the integrity or lack thereof in candidates.

There are three things that I want to hear from a person to demonstrate integrity.

They are. I was wrong. I am sorry. I don’t know.

To have made bad or selfish choices sexually or financially or to lie or cheat is part of being a human being. But a willingness to tell the truth about your bad choices and a willingness to say that you were wrong and that you are sorry and that you are willing to make amends is a part of a human being with integrity.

Whether you are a politician or a voter or just a decent person, you should be concerned about integrity in yourself and in others.



Rick Sweeney

The Reverend Dr. Richard Sweeney, Rick, is a retired Presbyterian pastor and author. Rick lives with his wife, Prudy, in Greensburg, PA.